All you need in your kitchen is Deluxe Cook #V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

Today we are trying our hands on the perfect mandoline slicer which was sent to us by DeluxeCook. Within an hour of use, I found that this is the better ever I have used so far in my kitchen. It offers razor-sharpness, a great hand guard, 3 different blades for that perfect precision, and durable material with a perfect grip


#TFCFL has the best #touchscreen mirror for you girlies!

Ok, so this week we are sharing something which is out of the kitchen! and yes all girls should be out of the kitchen for their favorite thing! Getting Ready! No, we are not sharing the beauty tips this is rather something more important than just that. #TFCFL has sent us this beautiful gift for … Continue reading #TFCFL has the best #touchscreen mirror for you girlies!

This charcoal #BBQ grill makes your #Xmas &#Tandoori #Fameley

I know sounds insane right? who does the BBQ in winter, which can but folk if you can have a perfect char-grilledĀ chicken BBQ with IndianĀ chicken masala on a Cold December night I will promise you there which can come closer to that perfect burnt bird? Last week #fameleyĀ sent me a perfect outdoor comapctĀ folding charcoal grill … Continue reading This charcoal #BBQ grill makes your #Xmas &#Tandoori #Fameley

#StarVast Garlic Press : a piece of cake!

Starvast has solved this problem in quite a style.i have recently got this garlic press from them to review.The presentation is lovely, perfect for gift giving.Open the box and the unit is nestled on a shaped satin bed. Anyone that is passionate about cooking would go mad over it. It obliterates the garlic and nothing is wasted. It's very sturdy and it feels very well constructed not like all the other cheap versions you get out there. I'm surprised at the price for such a good quality press.